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Program Update: August 2010

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The Interagency Ocean Observing Committee (IOOC) held its first official full membership meeting on August 10, 2010. The meeting attendees discussed the committee’s governance structure and addressed several pending issues related to the Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observing Act of 2009 (ICOOS Act). In accordance with Section 12308 of the ICOOS Act, the National Science Foundation, on behalf of the National Ocean Research Leadership Council, published the proposed process to develop a Public-Private Use Policy in the Federal Register. The notice is available for a 60-day public commenting period and can be viewed here.

On Thursday, July 29, IOOC staff and members attended the ocean observations, science, and research stakeholder briefing on Executive Order 13547 for the Stewardship of the Ocean, our Coasts, and the Great Lakes and the Final Ocean Policy Task Force (OPTF) Recommendations.  They discussed how the National Ocean Policy will be carried out, and provided comments on how to be involved throughout the implementation phase. IOOC co-chairs held a conference call with the OPTF designee to ocean observations, mapping, and infrastructure about how the committee can play a greater role in developing an executive strategic action plan.

Upcoming events: The IOOC will be holding a town hall session on certification of non-Federal ocean observing assets at 11:00 a.m. at the MTS/IEEE Oceans 2010 conference in Seattle, WA on September 22. The next IOOC industry workshop is tentatively scheduled for either the week of April 25 or May 9, 2011 and will focus on the Great Lakes region. Additional information and updates can be found on the committee’s website at

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