Data Management and Communications (DMAC)

NEWS: The next DMAC ST Meeting is scheduled for November 19-20, 2013.

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Data Management and Communications (DMAC) 

DMAC offers guidance and expert opinions on the development and implementation of the data management component of the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS).


Data discovery, access, transfer, metadata, archive

The team identifies technologies, formats, and protocols needed to support the data management and communications needs of IOOS. The infrastructure must interact with regional, national, and international systems.


Quality assurance, quality control, information requirements

Infrastructure by itself will not be enough to meet the needs of IOOS. Data must be accompanied by the information that supports its proper use and sound results when combined with additional data. This information may vary between different types of observations and collection methods. The steering team will consider quality assurance, quality control, and content requirements identified by expert communities and ensure this information is carried within the DMAC infrastructure.


Solid outlines indicate the elements of the IOOS Data Communications framework, which are detailed in the DMAC Plan. The arrows fl owing outward from users indicate the feedback and control mechanisms through which users ultimately direct the functioning of all parts of the system. Note that the National Data Management Systems are included in the concept of Primary Data Assembly and Quality Control.