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Process and Timeline (Subject to Change)

Mar 11            Modeling Task Team charge finalized

Mar 11            IOOS Modeling Task Team established

June 18       In-person meeting of Modeling Task Team

Jun/July           Revised outline, working groups established, terms defined; brief IOOC on Modeling Task Team planning and strategy outline

Jul 11              Deadline for each working group’s submission of their section

Aug 8              Initial draft of combined Modeling Strategy

Aug 29            Complete review of initial draft by Modeling Task Team

Sep 19            Review of progress with IOOC, RAs and others

Sep 30                        Draft Modeling Strategy released for review by IOOC, RAs and others

Oct 30             Comments Due

Nov                 Revise Modeling Strategy

Dec 1             Final IOOS Modeling Strategy submitted to IOOC

Dec 30            Final IOOS Modeling Strategy released