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Glider Task Team


The primary goals of the IOOC Glider Task Team is to enable increased engagement with the glider community and to advance the coordinated use of glider observing systems to meet global, national and regional sub-surface observing requirements.

To meet these goals, the IOOC Glider Task Team will collaborate with the IOOS Program Office, the Regional Associations and other federal interagency working groups identified to gather information and develop a strategy with recommended actions for increased collaboration and engagement.

Slocum glider


  1. Survey the glider community for identified sub-surface observing gaps that could be met with gliders; for those operating gliders, identify activities within agency glider efforts that could benefit from a coordinated approach
  2. Identify and prioritize list of activities that could benefit from interagency coordination
  3. Host an expert workshop to review the observing gaps and activities
  4. Write report with recommendations for coordination activities and glider operations
  5. Initiate communities of best practices in the U.S.
  6. Serve as international representatives for US to develop communities of best practices

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